Welcome to Seraph Creative. We are a collective of sons and daughters who desire to see

Heaven’s Heart for Earth.

Our heart is that you will become everything God intended for you in the fullness of His loving plan and desire:
A perfect bride, going in and out of heaven, administrating His Kingdom from Love, restoring the Earth, discipling the nations, governing creation and demonstrating the fullness of Glorified Jesus in your life eternal!

Now, we’ve noted a gap between our current lives and what is our inheritance! So, by His grace, we are putting together some resources to help saints of all ages. We’re making the books and music, videos and mp3’s, movies and illustrations that we always wished we had! Please enjoy them all.

You’re welcome to help. Just click on Contact and introduce your fine self.

We have many friends and family who have been doing this a lot longer than we have. You can check them out on our Friends & Family page.